Hom-Bot Robotic Vacuum with Security Camera

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Part Janitor & Part Security Guard, the Hom-Bot Turbo+ Is a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner That Doubles as a Security Camera

HOM-BOT Turbo+ features Triple Eye™ camera sensors, which record the surrounding area — including the ceiling — to track where it has already cleaned. The camera located on the front of the unit enables other smart features such as Home-View and Home-Guard. The Home-View feature transmits a real-time feed to owners' smartphones, enabling them to remotely control the vacuum and clean the home anytime, anywhere. The Home-Guard feature gives consumers extra security and peace of mind by sending photos of inside the home to a paired smartphone when the HOM-BOT Turbo+ senses movement.

The HOM-BOT Turbo+ also intelligently navigates consumers' homes and avoids obstacles such as stairs thanks to Robonavi™, an intelligent software system that utilizes the robot's dual CPUs to make lightning fast directional decisions. Both powerful and durable, LG's latest smart vacuum with Smart Inverter Motor is backed by a 10-year warranty giving owners long-lasting peace of mind.

  • Home-Joy
  • Home-View
  • Home-Guard
  • Triple Eye™
  • Robonavi™
  • Smart Inverter Motor™
  • Corner Master
  • Digital Bumper
  • Easy-out Dust Bin
  • Noise Level: 60dB
  • EPA 11 Filter
  • Smart Turbo
  • Learning Function
  • Long-lasting Lithium-Ion Battery


LG HOM-BOT SQUARE has adopted the new generation of upper camera, II-SLAM(Illumination Invariant based Simultaneous Localization and Mapping)

Conventional robotic vacuums can easily wander in the dark because it is hard to take pictures without light. With its II-SLAM technology, HOM-BOT SQUARE's Dual Eye 2.0™ has been upgraded and now automatically calculated the intensity of light scans the ceiling. Whether it is bright or dark, Dual Eye 2.0™ can take clear pictures of the room and minimize wandering.



Upper Camera

(CV-SLAM Celing Vision based Simultaneous Location and Maping). Using a camera which takes 30 images per second, it scans ceiling surfaces. Continuous comparison of these sequential images generates simultaneous localization and mapping information.

Lower Camera

(OFS : Optical Flow Sensor)
An optical sensor reads the floor for measuring of moving distance and recognizes even the slight changes of floor.