Zoom F8 Field Mixer and Recorder

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The Zoom F8 Field Mixer and Recorder is designed for professional music, filmmaking, and electronics news gathering (ENG) applications. Engineered to be carried on a shoulder strap or in a bag, the F8 includes 8 analog input channels with lockable XLR/TRS combo jacks that provide +75 dB maximum input gain and support for +4 dB inputs with an EIN of -127 dBu or less. The F8 can record up to 10 tracks simultaneously or up to 8 channels when recording at 24-bit 192 kHz resolution.

The F8 allows the user to record two channels of separate files at lower volume levels to provide for backup recordings - typically used when unexpected loud passages distort the primary recording. An all-new limiter provides up to 10 dB of headroom, and the F8 supports SMPTE time code input and output. The included outputs include a powerful 100 mW + 100 mW headphone jacks as well as the MAIN OUT 1/2 and SUB OUT 1/2 jacks for sending audio signal to a video camera or other device while monitoring with headphones. 

The unit's internal mixing enables flexible routing and the inclusion of individually selectable +24V/+48V phantom power ensures you can use your favorite condenser microphones. 

Power to the recorder can be supplied in one of three ways: via AA batteries, an AC adapter, or a 9 to 16V external DC power supply. Two SDXC card slots can be used simultaneously for recording even longer sessions as well as using the card slots as a card reader when connected to a computer via USB. 

As a USB interface, the unit can be used in a 2-in/2-out configuration as well as an 8-in/4-out audio interface (driver required for windows). A built-in slate mic allows you to make voice memos and the unit's slate tone can be used to confirm specific levels, and the F8 supports Zooms interchangeable microphone capsules.

  • Analog Inputs - Provides two sets of lockable XLR/TRS combo jacks with EIN of -127 dBu or less, +75 dB maximum input gain and support for +4 dB input
  • Audio Resolution - Records up to 192 kHz at 24-bit resolution
  • Simultaneous Recording - Records up to 10 tracks simultaneously with channels 1-8 and a stereo mix (left and right). Up to eight tracks can be recorded at a sampling rate of 192 kHz
  • Dual Channel Recording of Separate Files at Lower Levels - Records backup recordings at a lower input level to help prevent unexpected loud noises from distorting the recording
  • Limiter - Provides 10 dB of headroom with a threshold that can be set by the user
  • Supports SMPTE Timecode - I/O Uses a high-precision oscillator that enables the generation of accurate time code with a discrepancy of less than 0.2 frames per 24 hours
  • Outputs - Allows you to send the audio signal to a video camera or other device while simultaneously monitoring
  • Mixer Functionality - Allows for inputs 1-8 to be routed to outputs freely
  • Phantom Power - Supports +24V and +48V phantom power
  • Three Possible Power Supplies - Can operate on AA batteries, an AC adaptor, or a 9 to 16 V external DC power supply (not included) with automatic switching between power supplies
  • Two SDXC Card Slots - Allows for recording on 2 SD cards if possible and support for SDXC cards enables recording for even longer than before in addition to using the unit as a card reader by connecting to a computer using USB
  • USB Audio Interface - Capabilities with up to 8 Ins and 4 Outs Allows the unit to be used as a 2-in/2-out audio interface as well as a 8-in/40out audio interface (driver required for Windows, not required for Mac)
  • Built-In Microphone - Works as both a slate mic as well as a tool for voice memos
  • Zoom Mic Capsule Functionality - Supports the company's line of interchangeable mic capsules that can be used instead of inputs 1/2